StoreIcon definitely has a competitive edge in their ability to capture and help us to achieve the fundamental nature of our company while maintaining a professional and visually pleasing web site. Their input was extremely valuable and their suggestions of the various functions that would fit our needs was invaluable. As technology continues to change we are excited over the new options available to us as we continue to expand our business and embark on a new journey to bring our site to a now more prominent e-commerce venue. While Storeicon was instrumental in providing us a web presence as we developed our product, we are confident and excited that the concepts and dynamic new visual presence we are about to debut as a direct result of their efforts will only serve to expand our presence on the internet.

  Soft Saints, Inc. - 2008


      Paying close attention to our needs, StoreIcon captured not only the essence of our concept but also provided us with an easy to navigate and dynamic design for our Mobile App; Worship Finder. Their proactive and tireless contribution served to not only enhance our app and provide us with options that otherwise may have been an oversight on our part. These qualities most notably translate not only in their ability to comprehend our ultimate goal, but also, to assist the client in their attempts to achieve the project’s ultimate success.

  Teri O'Toole - 2012